Vegas is GOLDEN!


Nevada may be the Silver State but Vegas is the Golden City. The city just celebrated its 113th birthday and after all that time we finally have a professional sports team. When the NHL announced Vegas would be given an expansion team, it seemed that only the people in our city where excited. Everyone else said it wouldn’t work, the team would be in last place and the list of doubt goes on.

After an incredible and record breaking season the Vegas Golden Knights have made their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. And this city has turned to GOLD! Everywhere you look from The Strip to the local neighborhoods Golden Knights fever has caught on. While many people and many fans of other teams are still nay-sayers, Vegas has faith and confidence in our team and cities new found love for hockey.

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals come to T-Mobile Arena on Memorial Day. We caught up with the team and asked players about playing in Sin City and home ice advantage in the finals. On playing in Vegas verse different NHL cities, Ryan Reaves told us its so different, “It’s a Vegas show with a hockey game.” When asked about home ice, Nate Schmidt said, “I can’t wait for Game 1 at T-Mobile Arena. It’s going to be awesome!”

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